Apartments in Puteaux, France.

Architectural visualization of a tenement house in Puteaux, France.   (more…)

Wielicka Apartments

Wielicka Apartments is a multi-family building located in Kraków, Poland. It consists of 30 apartments and commercial space. Architecture design by architect Tadeusz Lemański - (more…)

Eco Park

The New EcoPark estate is an intimate complex of 14 single-family houses in Niepołomice, Poland.   (more…)

Champigny Visualization

Architectural Visualization of a residential development in Champigny, France.   (more…)

Green Estate

Hi ! Recently I made some visualizations for a Housing project in Rumia, Poland. Hope You like it, it's called - Green Estate  :)

Green Grove

The "Green Grove" single-family housing estate is located in a quiet, green area in the northern part of Krakow. It is an intimate, comprehensive investment consisting of 7 semi-detached and detached houses. (more…)

Domy nad Wilgą

A comprehensive estate of single-family houses "Domy nad Wilgą" is located on the administrative border of the city of Kraków and Wrząsowice in a picturesque, green space, surrounded by the Wilga River and beautiful old trees.   (more…)

Kobierzynska Visuals

Visualisations for an apartment building in Krakow, Poland. Architect: Tadeusz Lemanski (more…)

Spring Trees – Cutouts

Spring Branch Cutouts for foreground placement in arch-viz

This is a collection of 30 high quality and high resolution spring tree/branch cutouts in png format. Perfect for foreground placement in architectural visualizations but could also be very useful for other industries like graphic design, advertising studios etc.


Collection is available on my gumroad page here:

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Free Tree Cutouts

There are only two things certain in life... death and that there is never enough good quality plants cutouts in Your library ;) Wait, until now ? Who knows, but now You are 15 cutouts closer to Your goal !

Here are fifteen, high quality, high resolution tree and bush cutouts that were hand made with great devotion, tenderness and love.

Download (more…)

3-Tab Asphalt Roof Shingles for RailClone

3-tab asphalt roof shingles preset for 3dsmax and RailClone on a 3D model of a House. Rendered with vray, made for arch-viz.

HI ! I have created a realistic RailClone preset of 3-Tab Asphalt Roof Shingles. These are the most popular roof coverings in the United States and Canada I think. It should speed up Your workflow and increase the overall look and realism of Your renderings.


Please, get it here from my gumroad profile:

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Wind Animation – Feather Reed Grass

Feather Reed Grass wind animation with gusts

I have prepared nine wind animated Feather Reed Grass models. You can purchase it through gumroad, just follow this link...

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