Hi ! My name is Mariusz Eligiusz Rawski and I'm a founder of Gamma 2.2 Ltd.
I specialize in Architectural Visualization and 3D Animation. I have over 10 years
of experience in the industry. I love doing creative work, that's why I'm always looking
for interesting and challenging projects. My main tools of the craft are Autodesk 3dsmax and Chaosgroup Vray.

Gamma 2.2 is an architectural visualisation studio focused on creating exceptional visual
representations of architectural designs through images and 3d animations.
We work with Property and Real Estate Developers, Architects, Creative Agencies and Private individuals.

Our services include traditional still images (exterior and interior renderings),
3d animations (walkthrough, flythrough), photo-montages and 360 panoramas.

Our work philosophy: If it's worth doing, it's worth doing it right, which means if we work for You we work for You wholeheartedly.

Thank You for Your interest. If You have some questions or work offer
or just want to say hello, feel free to contact me:


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