FREE Basic Adjustable Railing for RailClone and 3dsmax

Hello Arch-Viz folks !

I have prepared a simple RailClone preset for basic adjustable railing.


Available for FREE on my gumroad:


You can easily adjust the following parameters of the railing:

  • height
  • picket spacing
  • handrail depth
  • handrail height
  • handrail shift
  • picket width
  • picket depth
  • bottom rail On/Off


Check out the video of how it works:


This preset is built from a simple box ! The chamfered edges effect is done within the shader and You can easily adjust it in the VrayEdgesTex that is in the bump slot of the material (adjust the rounded corners radius value).


If You are not familiar or never heard of RailClone plugin, I highly advise You to check it out on the developers website:


RailClone is a 3dsmax plugin for parametric modelling that is fast and efficient, it operates on splines and can save You a lot of work/time. For me, the crucial benefit is that it saves You a lot of ram usage during rendering process and it also helps with the viewport performance as it can display geometry in point cloud mode.


Basic Adjustable Railing preset for RailClone and 3dsmax

In the archive I have included a texture from David Gruwier which is a part of his collection of textures for making surface imperfections, please check out this library here: 


The Surface Imperfections Volume 1 library by David Gruwier is a collection of 50+ 4K premium tiled textures, featuring a mix of scratches, dust specs, smudges, fingerprints, hairs, residue, isolated fingerprints and even full palm print, all scanned from real surfaces and meticulously tiled. It can be purchased on gumroad:

Basic Adjustable Railing preset for RailClone and 3dsmax

Basic Adjustable Railing preset for RailClone and 3dsmax



Thank You and I hope it will be useful for You in Your everyday work ! Don’t forget that You can chip in a small amount of $ for a coffee or two 😉 it will be greatly appreciated.


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