Free Tree Cutouts

There are only two things certain in life… death and that there is never enough good quality plants cutouts in Your library 😉 Wait, until now ? Who knows, but now You are 15 cutouts closer to Your goal !

Here are fifteen, high quality, high resolution tree and bush cutouts that were hand made with great devotion, tenderness and love.



Free Vegetation Cutouts for architectural visualization


As they say.. ‘the best things in life are free.’ You know, things like: hugs, smiles, friendships, love and now You can also add to that list these cutouts. Just click that download button and You will be redirected to my gumroad page where You can just write a 0(zero) in the field and click ‘I want this!’ and then download it.

You can also write a bigger number if You think this product is of good value or if You want to support me in what I’m doing.

For example:

1$ – appreciated

2$ – very appreciated

3$ – greatly appreciated

4$ – immensely appreciated

5$ – owh yeah, now You’re talking !

10$ – You are rich !

100$ – You’ve gone completely mad and need to see a doctor !


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I hope You find these cutouts useful in Your work and if You do, please share it, because sharing is caring 😉 Thank You !


Here are all the cutout previews (original resolution is aroung 4k – 5k) …

Bush 01

Bush Cutout 01



Bush 02

Bush Cutout 02


Bush 03

Bush Cutout 03



Bush 04

Bush Cutout 04


Bush 05

Bush Cutout 05


Bush 06

Bush Cutout 06

Tree 01

Tree Cutout 01

Tree 02

Tree Cutout 02


Tree Cutout 03

Tree 04

Tree Cutout 04

Tree 05

Tree Cutout 05

Tree 06

Tree Cutout 06

Tree 07

Tree Cutout 07

Tree 08

Tree Cutout 08

Tree 09

Tree Cutout 09


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